Innovation at Our Core

Our commitment to innovation lies at the heart of every BuzzTV product. We are driven by the pursuit of excellence, constantly updating and refining our offerings to stay ahead of the technological curve. Our dedicated team is passionate about harnessing the latest in streaming technology, ensuring that each BuzzTV product delivers reliability, user-friendly interfaces, and access to a wide array of content

Exceptional Customer Support

Welcome to BuzzTVGlobal, your official source for BuzzTV's premium streaming players. Since our founding in 2015, BuzzTV has been dedicated to redefining the television viewing experience with innovative solutions. Our mission from the start has been to craft streaming players that not only elevate your entertainment but seamlessly fit into your daily life.


Launching our journey with the Android 4.2 platform, we have continually evolved alongside technology, always aiming to bring the best viewing experiences into homes worldwide. BuzzTV stands at the intersection of technology and entertainment, transforming ordinary TV into extraordinary cinematic experiences with superior performance, vibrant visuals, and immersive audio.

Our Journey and Your Future with BuzzTV

Embarking on our adventure in 2015 with the Android 4.2 version, BuzzTV has grown into a leading name in premium streaming solutions. Our evolution reflects our dedication to quality, innovation, and the people who enjoy our products. As a BuzzTV customer, you join a community that values cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service.

Discover the difference with BuzzTVGlobal and see why we are the go-to choice for streaming enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in television entertainment. Welcome to the next level of TV viewing. Welcome to BuzzTVGlobal.