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How do I get paid?
You will receive monthly payments via PayPal.

How do I refer people in order to make sales?
The more you advertise, the more you can increase sales! Add links and/or banners to your website, social media accounts, newsletters, emails, YouTube videos, and other platforms.

How do I know I am receiving the correct commission amount?
You will receive a user name and password to your confidential account information when you sign up as an affiliate. You can log into your account at any time to receive “real-time” sales data. We want you to be successful and get everything you are due.

How often do I get paid?
Eligible commissions are paid every 30 days. There is a $100 minimum balance before payment is made and a 45-day delay after the sale is made.

Why download the affiliate app?
The app allows you access to additional tools and resources, like QR codes. Click HERE to download the app.

Where do I sign up?
Click HERE to sign up for a new affiliate account.

How do I login into my account?
Click HERE to login to your account.

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