BuzzTV is North America's most innovative IPTV Streaming Box (think 'wallet-sized mini computer') powered by the world's fastest growing mobile operating system: Android.

After world wide success of it's sister brand, MyGica, BuzzTV was created to satisfy the increasing need for fine tuned IPTV hardware and software technology. As global demand for IPTV continues to surge worldwide, so does it's demand for improved IPTV technologies.

Combining proprietary IPTV software with powerful mini-PC technology, the ultimate TV streaming machine was born.

If you, like billions of other TV lovers out there are tired of streaming your favorite shows and movies on small mobile screens, straining your eyes from streaming too close to your tablet, fed up with low-battery-laptops in bed, sore necks and sore thumbs from having your head buried in your phone's little screen all day, then BuzzTV was made for you!

With BuzzTV, you can finally eliminate the discomfort of streaming on small screens and GO BIG using your TV.

Round up the gang, and watch your favorites, with your favorites - Anytime.